Monday, October 14, 2013

The Audi Mini Runner

The Audi R8 is my dream car, but the Audi Mini Runner is probably more in my wheelhouse in terms of affordability. This little kid cruiser costs a mere $450 and can convert from scooter to pedal-less tricycle at the drop of a hat, and with some actual moving and shaking, of course.

When it comes to brand loyalty, it's never to late to start kids young. That being said, the Audi Mini Runner doesn't look much different from any other scooter on the block. It's got an aluminum frame that was made using a process the company calls "hydroforming" and the Audi logo.

Still, does that make it worth $450?

I'm definitely not the person to answer that question. (Translation: no.) I don't think I could ever bring myself to buy a kid's toy that costs more than half of my rent, but that's just me. Should you be a better hustler than myself, you can pick up the Audi Mini Runner here.

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