Friday, October 11, 2013

The Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival

Hyundai and Galpin Auto Sports have released a new zombie-killing SUV, the Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine.

The SUV is the third such zombiemobile released by the Korean automaker, with a Veloster and Elantra coming before that. Aside: Seriously, the Veloster is probably one of the LAST cars I would want to drive in the zombie apocalypse. There's nothing wrong with the car, but a slow hatchback isn't what you want to be piloting when waves of zombies are coming at you.

Anywho, the Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine was designed by a fan of the show named Anson Kuo. Kuo used an app creatively titled The Walking Dead Chop Shop to create his zombie-mirking SUV. Say what you will about his design, but it beat out 82,500 others and was chosen by Hyundai to go from concept to reality. The SUV made its grand debut at the 2013 New York Comic-Con.

The car itself looks like something out of the game "Twisted Metal," and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Here's a video of said game featuring one of its most iconic characters, Sweet Tooth. (It's pretty damn frightening. Why the hell did I play this game as a kid?) It features machine guns, razor wire on the windows, swords, knives...basically everything you need to give zombies a bad day. All in all, Hyundai could have done a lot worse than Kuo's design. I'm not huge on the razor wire on the windows (how the hell do you see out the front windshield?), but I respect the designer's ability to use an app and tastefully place swords and knives where they need to be.

I give the Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine 3 Michonne samurai swords out of 5. You can check out more shots of the SUV below:

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